How would you dress for work, given your druthers?

In other words: if you were in charge of deciding the dress code/culture of your office, what would be it?

At my primary job, every dresses in what is laughingly calleed “business casual,” which usually means “whatever the hell you feel like as long as Corporate isn’t here.” But I’m weird. I like shirts & ties; hell, I like suits. they make me feel like I’m working, and thus give me a sharp contrast between my work & non-work modes. I like ritually getting into more casual clothes when I get home, and, besides, in the event of an unexpected attack by the Philistine army, I can improvise a slingshot from my tie and take out the big guy.

But that’s just me. How ould you dress for work, given your druthers?

I have my druthers, working at home.

In the summer, it’s t-shirts and shorts.

In the winter, it’s t-shirts and athletic/sweatpants.

Sometimes it’s no clothes at all.

Life is good here at chez Athena. :smiley:

Our office is casual all the time. I wear casual Docker-type pants, Docs, and either pullover or button-up long or short sleeved shirts. I could wear jeans, but it doesn’t really matter to me. Sometimes at work I slip off the Docs and wear Birkies instead.

I have to put on a suit and tie when I go to court. Which I find stupid and uncomfortable. Given my druthers, I would never wear a tie for any situation.

Blue jeans, t-shirts, knit shirts, tennis shoes. I work in an IT lab and have to crawl under the occasional table and I never have to work with the customers.

That said, it’s business casual here 4/5 days, and I usually go ahead and wear business casual on Friday anway, because I don’t actually have blue jeans nice enough to wear to work… I don’t need to support another wardrobe style for one day a week.

I would like to wear whatever I feel like wearing. It might be a suit, it might be jeans and a tshirt. I’m an adult, I have reasonable taste, and I wouldn’t come in wearing anything ridiculous. I resent dress codes because I hate any rules to which I must abide that were designed for the very small percentage of people who can’t be trusted not to be uncouth.

100% cotton sweatpants, t-shirt, plus sweatshirt if needed for warmth. Solid colors. Cotton socks and crocs. If we all wore this, clothes would be so completely not a hassle, distraction, or power play. When I am CEO of Spry Megacorp this will be the uniform.

Ditto. I hate that we can’t just go to somebody and say, “Uh, wearing shorts that ride that high up your ass is not acceptable.”

I’d wear footie pajamas all day!

I’d prefer jeans or shorts and a t-shirt and any type of shoes except flip-flops or crocs.

The t-shirts can be pretty much anything except drugs, alcohol or sex related. So a shirt advertising Billy Bob’s Blazing Buffalo Wings Bungalow would be fine as long as said buffalo sauce was not stained into the shirt.

I work at a healthcare-type insititution, so while we have a business to business-casual type dress code, we have to wear pantyhose, can’t wear jeans or open-toed shoes, and no shirts without sleeves.

I’d eliminate all three of those. Especially the pantyhose, and closed-toe shoe only thing because I haaaaate them.

Amen! I think that scrubs should be the business standard. I’m envious of a hospital pharmacist that I live with who gets to wear scrubs to work. I wear teach clothes, which are pretty comfortable, but still require panty hose on occasion.

I’ve worked from home, and I find I can’t focus until I’m dressed. That means slacks, shirt, belt, socks, shoes. Even if I kick the shoes off when I’m sitting at the desk, I still have to put them on before the work day can begin. And I can’t write anything more important than a IMHO post in sweatpants.

twitch That right there is my idea of hell. My feet are always hot (temprature-wise) and I must constantly be able to stick them out of blankets or whatever. The mere idea of footie pajamas…


If I had my druthers and worked at home, it’d be nekkid time all the time. I loathe clothing. Otherwise, I kind of enjoy dressing up, so I don’t mind any dress code.

Bingo…I just finishing leading an online training class while wearing my Tony The Tiger pajama pants and no shirt.

Telecommuting rocks.

Just so everybody knows, the flying monkeys will immediately be released upon the first person who mentions you-know-what. :smiley:

If I could pick it, it would be jeans, T shirts and sneakers/tevas all the time. The more comfortable I am, the more relaxed I am means I can better work on my tasks. I’m not dealing with the annoying pants or if this shirt matches those pants.

Tony the Tiger?

I work in a warehouse, and while I could get away with wearing better clothes (most days) I stick to cheap jeans, steel-toes shoes/boots and t-shirt/long-sleeved t-shirt/hoodie depending on the weather. I carry a clipboard most of the time, but the basic rule is don’t wear anything that you wouldn’t mind getting covered in a) dust, b) grease from forklifts or c) various spilled foodstuffs.

the tiger is to keep the sheep away. ::d&r::

Jeans and t-shirts.