How Would You Fight A Terminator

More specifically, a liquid metal model. It seems like they are next to indestructible. The other thing I have an issue with is, I can believe that a terminator-esque machine might one day be invented but a liquid metal version is absolutely impossible.

But if you were to come across one, how would you terminate it?

Get creative :slight_smile:

Think of “liquid metal” as 1991-ese for “nano machines” and it begins to seem more possible.

Run, pray, pray some more. Be on the lookout for a big Austrian dude in biker clothes.

I would guess some kind of chemical reaction could be pretty effective. Preferably something liquid that acts as a catalyst to oxidize the terminator in air - all you’d need is a plant mister filled with the stuff.

High pressure water hose and alot of water -

Liquid Nitrogen.

Small Nuclear Warhead - Launched from orbit

They froze it in one of the movies. Much to their dismay, the thing was up and terminating after it thawed out.

Hydroflouric Acid would be an effective choice to douse or immerse the Terminator in, as it’s highly reactive with metal. Of course, the Terminator being from the distant future, it’s creators probably thought of that already.

Maybe a giant magnet to trap him while we decide what to do with him.

Cast him in The X-Files. Everyone will quickly forget about him.

It worked in Terminator 3.

Well, if “liquid metal” as 1991-ese for “nano machines”, then “nano machines” is 2009-ish for magic. It’s capabilities are definitelymagic, and the word nano does not help. Sorry, but that’s science. Always telling you that no, it doesn’t work. Not with nanites, anyway. I could think of some other possibilities, but they are pretty far-out.

Firstly, I wouldn’t like my chances if I ever had to fight a liquid metal Terminator. Driving away a very great distance at as high a speed as possible, while screaming like a little girl until I was hoarse. would be my most likely tactic.

Otherwise, we’ve already seen that sufficient heat or cold will break it down, at least temporarily. Maybe some kind of trap involving thermite could do the trick. If we could somehow ensnare it into a location where a quick burial by a relatively non-porous material were possible, that would probably hold it for quite a while. After that, a strong corrosive or oxidizing agent seems about the only other viable solution.

Of course, the surest solution would be to make sure SkyNet doesn’t take over to begin with, but it seems there are many pitfalls associated with that course of action.

I’d tell him “The next sentence I say will be true. The previous sentence I said was a lie.” Then, while his nanobotic processors are spinning helplessly over that, BAM! high explosive blooper round right to the chest.

Well, going by what I remember from T2, the liquid metal editions can be temporarily stopped by a shotgun to the head, immobilized by extremely low temperatures, and destroyed by extremely high heat.

So, I need to set myself up with a cauldron. Probably a 20 gallon unit would be big enough.

And a shotgun.

And a liquid gas delivery system. Someone above mentioned a high pressure hose.

The basic plan is to don an insulated suit,
–plant yourself in a fireproof room with bubbling cauldron,
–manipulate the T-1000 into walking through a narrow hallway,
–shoot it in the face with a shotgun,
–turn on the switch that spews liquid nitrogen(?),
–break off pieces of it with tongs and carry the pieces to the cauldron.
–melt the sucker down bit by bit.

As the cauldron fills up it can be poured into molds to cast commemorative American eagles that can be sold later through the Franklin Mint.

The problem there is that Cyberdyne is already hard at work making robots and cybernetics.Their exoskeletal suit is called, I shit you not…HAL.

Keeping it in a cryo-box seemed to work well in the TV show…though how you trick it in there is probably the toughest part…

I might try to trick him onto some sort of railgun that would launch it from the earth at escape velocity…by the time it figures out how to get back from that, I’m pretty sure I’d be dead already.

Various assault weapons only seem to slow it down, so short of a nuke I think I would stay away from engaging it with conventional weapons.

really, since the ability of computers int he movies is way overstated, I would think once I escaped via what I’ll call the “El Kabnog Method” I could just sort of lay low and it would never find me again…I mean, killing 300 million people will take some time, and that’s just if I stay in the USA.

One thing I don’t remember the movies covering is if there is a critical mass for sentience. The individual T-1000 pieces can ooze back together, but can each little piece form into a little terminator?

And even if they can only form one terminator, who much mass is required? If you blow the guy up, you better be sure that all of him gets melted, otherwise you might have a rat-size terminator with knives for hands running up your pant leg.

The dumbest thing Arnold did in T2 was to shoot the frozen Terminator and blast him into a zillion pieces. Sure, he got to say “Hasta la Vista! Baby!” in Schwartzeneggerian Austrian, and the blast was photogenic, but afterwatds there was no way to stop the pieces from melting and coalescing.

What he should have done, of course, was take the biggest pieces he could carry (insulated) and drop them into the molten metal, along with all the shards he could get. There’d still be a few pieces left, but Arnold would’ve had a much easier time against a 12-inch tall Robert Patrick.


Of course, this assumes that it is paying any attention to what you’re saying and is programmed to stay stuck in a logical loop until it determines if you are lying or telling the truth.

Just because they can think of it doesn’t mean they can do anything about it. I’d add my vote for the N-Stoff, but I think we’d have a hard time repeating the German attempts to weaponise it.

Who said anything about letting it thaw out?

Weaver in the show had part of her body as an moray eel. How it can swim while being made out of metal, I have no idea.

It does however, give a newer and scarier meaning to “When you swim in the sea and get bit in the knee, it’s a moray!”