How would you phrase this?

I often see the phrase " Dance like no one is watching"

What about the look you see on someones face and the tone in thie voice when they are loving up a pet. It is one of the most sincere things I can think of. How might you phrase something like this?

I don’t know if this is the right answer, but I’ve always been fond of:

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.”

I think that is very close, maybe, “Be the person you are to your dog”

The first version is better. My dog thinks I’m a much better person that I actually am, even to my dog.

Be worthy of your dog’s love.

Earn your dog’s love. (That’s what John Miller from Saving Private Ryan would say.)

I would avoid attaching the phrase “…like no one is watching.”

Certain fetish sites may contact you.

Sing like no one is listening…except your dog.

Dance as if no one were watching. For uncertainty, you need the subjunctive mood. As for “like” versus “as if,” it just feels better to my ear. I don’t remember any specific rule for that.

But you want certainty, don’t you? Dance as if no one was watching, not is if no one is likely to be watching.

N.B.: I’m much better at subjunctive in Spanish than in English. We never were actually taught it in school.