How would you prefer to support the SDMB?


I’m broke; so whether I would buy a membership depends on my finances at the moment and how much it cost. I’m not going to buy merchandise in any case because I’ve got way too much stuff in my house already.

Didn’t vote.

snopes message board died before 2020. (That may not affect your point, though.)

I am aware of them. I am also aware that those ads bring in revenue. It is like the honor snack bar at work-Sure, you could take those Harvest Grain Sun Chips without dropping the coins in the box when nobody is looking, but if it happens too often the snack bar goes away. I don’t believe in supporting workarounds that might threaten (even in a small way) the existence of this website.

Nice moral lecture, but beside the point I was making.

Kent_Clark was talking as though ads were an inevitability for non-subscribers. I was responding to that.

He clarified later, although I must admit, if ad blockers block anything else here, I haven’t exactly missed it.

Not sure I agree with this at all. Bearing in mind I’m only a very casual baseball fan and had to look up what E3 was (I care nothing for any cons or trade shows of any kind). But I like basketball AND crpgs, which I don’t think is particularly unusual or notable in this day and age.

I guess I don’t really care if someone wanted to split the game room into two further subfora - I supported splitting off thread games. But I’m not at all sure it is necessary in this case. I’m not really a big fan of pinpoint specific fora on a general message board of this type. One of the reasons I like it here is forum breadth.

With the Tag system we can split the Game room easily. We could add a Sports tag and a Games tags.

I already broke it down much finer than that, but believe it or not, plenty of people that play digital games are also into some sports. The Game Room seems to work.

The video-game is the most popular one so far in the Game Room. If I added all the separate Sports tags together, it would be a little higher. The leftovers would be the death-pool and board-games and rpg-war-games.

baseball-mlb is over-represented as I went back in time a lot further to tag the sport I love the most. 87 threads currently.

So - can we can some clarity on whether this is a possibility, and what steps would be required? Is all the intellectual property own by Sun Times, or does Ed Zotti own something? Does somebody know who to approach at Sun Times to ask?

If it’s a possibility, I think we should open up a thread, maybe with a poll, to see who’d make a financial commitment to taking us independent. I certainly would.

For anyone worried about Ads, I whitelisted this site when it moved to Discourse and haven’t had any issues whatsoever (mostly viewing using Windows 10 on a PC. It’s the right thing to do, but I understand the hesitation after some of the crap tossed up at the old site. So far, so good.

Are there any poster owned and operated message boards out there?

Me too; maybe we could actually get some things fixed if we could break away from the absentee overlords.

It is kind of hard to buy what isn’t for sale.

Agreed, hence Riemann’s qualifier of “if it’s a possibility”.

I don’t know what this means. We won’t know until we ask. That’s why I’m asking for some clarity about what exactly we need to buy, and who from - to take the messageboard independent, not the intellect property of Cecil Adams etc.

It might be easier to start a new one.

Oy! Just Oy!

Not that I am suggesting that it is a good idea, of course. Either way, herding this large a group of cats would be a logistical nightmare.

I don’t disagree, but right now we’re just a herd of stray cats with seemingly no one at the helm who really cares about us at all. Ed Zotti’s not interested in the message board, by all accounts the Sun Times doesn’t really care about it? It seems to me that it would at least be a forward step to take our destiny into our own hands, and have some democratic control.

Perhaps, but isn’t the first sensible step to get some clarity on whether it’s a possibility to take this board independent? If it looks like they are neither going to let it go nor allow us to do anything to improve it, we know the writing is on the wall.

Actually no one except maybe Ed knows how the Sun Times feels about the SDMB. They cared enough to scramble pretty quick and bring Ed back when we lost TubaDiva, so it shows some level of caring at least.

Everything else is speculation.

So… does anyone have any relationship with Sun Times except through Ed Zotti? Because I think we need some direct contact. I don’t want to get into the fight about whether Ed is the Messiah or Beelzebub, but his lack of participation makes it objectively clear that he has no interest in the message board per se, so it makes no sense to investigate this option via Ed, we need to talk to them ourselves.

I was wondering if one reasons Cecil didn’t want to bring up taking the board private was to not suggest it as a particularly valuable asset. That way he could bring it and himself back, and if shown it wasn’t going to be valuable as it stood despite those efforts, he could then buy the rights back at a lower overall cost. Whether for his own usage or otherwise, I would not care to speculate considering the current tenor of the board. But as things stand right now, I’m with @Riemann - we don’t seem to have any way to interject ourselves into the S-T loop, and Cecil was being very, very cagey with details despite numerous requests for clarity where it might have bolstered his argument.

Working for a company, then using the facilities of that company to organize a buyout of a part of that company?
Something skeevy about that, in my opinion.