How Your Faucet Turns

Since the faucets were recently replaced in my apartment’s tub/shower, they turn a funny way–toward each other to turn on, instead of both toward the left. When I questioned this, I was assured that it’s the correct way, even though the faucets in both my bathroom and kitchen sinks turn toward the left to turn on.

What say you?

Mine are set up so left (counterclockwise) is “on” for both hot and cold.

I’ve been to friends’ places where it’s different, though, which usually results in me turning the tap on full strength when I’m trying to turn it off, and getting a shirt full of cold water.

Yep that the way it’s supposed to be, one clockwise the other anti-clockwise. I forget which is which. Our tub was that way until I replaced the original valves, (b)Lowes didn’t have any for the Cold so I had to get 2 Hots. so now they turn the same way and I end up getting a shot of ice cold water when I turn off the shower. Talk about shrinkage! :eek:

I have strong feelings on this subject.

I’ve never noticed in a bathtub before but I’ve seen it on many sinks, especially in restaraunts, so I assume it’s just as correct as the both counter-clockwise method.

It depends on the type of faucets you have. The two main double-faucet types are “knobs” and “handles”. In most knob sets I’ve seen, both knobs usually need to be twisted in the same direction - either clockwise or counter-clockwise. The knobs of all three faucet sets here at my grandfather’s all need to be twisted counter-clockwise to turn on the water.

All the faucet sets at my parents place used to be the same way. However, my father once “repaired” the sink in the upstairs bathroom, and accidentally put in a piece upside-down in one knob. After that, each knob needed to be twisted in a different direction - i.e. one clockwise and one counter-clockwise. This would usually confound any overnight visitors they had.

Once someone managed to get the faucets both turned on, and the cold/hot adjusted, they often had trouble getting one knob turned off. They’d habitually twist them both in the same direction to turn them off. One would turn off, but the other would stay on and usually just increase in flow. Somewhat dangerous if it was the hot-water knob they ended up turning on full-blast.

My parents have now replaced all their knobs with handles, which twist toward you when you’re facing the sink. i.e. The left one twists counter-clockwise, while the right one twists clockwise. I like the handle type much better than the knobs. They look much nicer, are easier to turn on, and don’t loosen like the other version can.


Good lawd, don’t ask me.
I’ve been in this apartment for one year, two weeks now and I still can’t figure wich way to turn the single-handled faucet in the bathroom to get hot water.
I swear it changes. :rolleyes: :wink:

The last place I lived had the hot and cold reversed! (cold on the right, hot on the left…only in the kitchen thank the fates) I got used to it, of course, but woe to any guests I forgot to warn.

shoot! cold on the left, hot on the right. whatever…backwards. :smack:

Right-handed threads (threads where the rule “righty tighty lefty loosey” applies) are overall more common in practically everything.

That is why I’ve always felt faucets should be that way, and I usually see faucets where both the H and C have right handed threads (right tightens, left loosens, loose lets water flow, tight stops it, obviously).

The sink in the half-bath off my kitchen has the cold and hot taps reversed, like lynxie I’ve gotten used to it over the years. I’ve thought about getting them “normalized” but looking at the way the pipes run under the sink it looks like a job for a professional. Maybe if I ever get the sink replaced…