HOw do I learn all the different things I can do In the SDMB like smiley faces , quoting someone , signatures etc

Here you go Jayshah. It’s right here in the vB Code Page. Enjoy!

Zev Steinhardt

vB code (which discusses hyperlinks, quoting people, as well as bold or italic text and so on).


Links to those two pages can be found at the bottom of each forum’s main page; as in About This Message Board.

Your signature is set in your profile. (You can reach that page by just clicking on the “profile” icon in the cluster of icons at the top right of any SDMB page.)


You know, the best advice I ever heard was “read every single thread in ATMB”. It wasn’t directed at me, but I still did it. Taught me plenty, I tell you. Of course, I don’t remember half of it, but hey, I did learn it once.

Have fun here. It’s a great place.