Howard Dean is insane

What the hell was that?

He was screaming at the top of his lungs and throwing imaginary punches around. I think he lost his marbles.

Hell, I can top that.

I got an email from Joe Trippi (his campaign manager) overnight saying, in effect, ‘We’re pleased as punch at a 3rd place finish! A year ago no one had heard of us! Now we need $1,000,000 for New Hampshire! Send money NOW!!!’

If only Dean was running for office in Britain…

With all the momentum Bush has, he might as well run there.


I’m sorry, I must have missed something. Can someone please exaplain who/what/why/where the former Democrat front-runner is nuts?

He bit the head off of a bat, then kicked some old guy. It was brutal.

Actually, Howard Stern was playing his after-primary speech with a backing of AC/DC. (For Those About To Rock, and also TNT). It sounded much better that way.


Stern also played the clips with a backing of Nazi rallies. I’m sure that’s just what every politician loves to hear!

You can go hear the actual speech from a link on Drudge.

Also, here is an article about Dean “losing it”.

That’s a good article.

Looks like next Tuesday will be a huge day.

Vote Clark!

Guess it depends on your point of view, from the NY Times:

I listened to the Drudge clip, dude sounded nuts to me…

I used to think the rage thing was good, now I don’t know about it. God, I hope Kerry doesn’t make it, if I have to hear his boring nasal ass for another year, I’ll slit my wrists.

Thank og Gephardt is out, what a miserable failure he was.

Do you have a link to that? That sounds great.

Actually, what someone should do is get that clip and then get the video from those Coors Light commericals they’ve been playing with football stuff going on with “For Those About To Rock” as the music and put them together.

Well, now at least he can’t be accused of being stiff and wooden like Al Gore.


While I agree Kerry’s voice is mildly annoying, it seems a shame to make a decision such as this based on a person’s vocal qualities! Speaking of annoying voices, I’m pulling for Leiberman, who seriously outclasses Kerry in the “annoying vocal quality” category! Oh well, he doesn’t really have a chance anyway …

That was one pathetic performance. As Leno put it, with the sweaters he’s been wearing he looks like Mr. Rogers with rabies.

Not only his voice, I just find him annoying in general. He seems so full of shit and flip floppy. (they all do of course)

He’s beating that Vietnam thing to death, he needs to let it go.

YYAAAGGGHHH!!! (mp3 link - 102KB)

While I could’ve gone with Dean if entertainment were the only factor to be considered, I reckon I’ll stick with Kerrey for now.

Besides, Dean seems like a bit of a prick, doesn’t he? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dean’s performance last night was nothing compared to Steve Ballmer’s infamous “DEVELOPERS!” speeches. If Dean is insane for what he did, then Ballmer must be positively out the window.

That said, Dean’s behavior last night definitely didn’t reflect too well on him or his campaign – a definite moment when people around him start taking careful steps away and eyeing him warily. I actually like Dean as a candidate for some reasons, but if he’s going to act that irrationally in the public eye, I don’t think I want him in office.

Oh well… Kerry or Edwards both work for me too, for the same reasons Dean did. I’m very glad that Gephardt stepped out last night; he and Lieberman were the only two I really didn’t want to see get the nomination. Looks like Lieberman’s as good as gone as well… good news!

OMG God!

I laughed crazily this morning when I heard him on the radio. He sounded like he belonged in the WWE!

I’m picturing him yelling like Hulk Hogan I’LL CRUSH YOU, BUSH!!!