Howard Jones appreciation thread (viva 80's synth pop!)

Yeah, it’s trendy now to pooh-pooh 80’s synth artists like Howard Jones. But – so sorry, kiddies – Jones brings me back to the carelessness and freedom of my youth. Just because his stuff is hardly even on the radio anymore doesn’t mean the guy is now the poster child for lousy music.

I heard – for the first time in 10+ years – “New Song” on our local 80’s station the other day. Damn! What a nostalgia trip! It’s hard for me to effectively describe what moves me about Jones’ tunes, but to say that listening to them now puts me in a great mood.

And yeah, I like the “sappy” synth hooks in “New Song”, “Life in One Day”, and “Things Can Only Get Better”. So sue me!

Plus, “No One is to Blame” was my official crash-and-burn crush song in high school. Howard was singing for me!

Well, I can’t find my cassette copies of Human’s Lib and Dreams Into Action – I think Dreams was eaten by an old boom box long ago. But hey! I still have an old live bootleg casette of HJ’s music. That’ll do for a few days, until I get out and pick up his Best Of collection.

Hey 80’s bashers … :stuck_out_tongue:

::singing and dancing in office::

We’re not scared to lose it all
Security throw through the wall
Future dreams we have to realize
A thousand skeptic hands,
Won’t keep us from the things we plan
Unless we’re clinging to the things we prize

That song reminds me of when trishdish had a Billy Idol haircut. :smiley:

I still like “Powerhouse” & “Wanders to You”.

I give Howard credit for asking the question that I so desperately wanted to ask many times in my youth:

What is love
Does anybody love anybody

Plus, the Howard hair…

His last album, Cross that Line, is my favorite. Especially that solo piano instrumental, “Out of Thin Air,” and the “Fresh Air Waltz.”

“Powerhouse” also kicks some spike-haired, padded-shouldered, ankle-booted butt.

He came out of retirement a couple of years ago to do ONE tour, and I missed it! sob

Um, by “last album” I meant (take your pick)
[list][li]the last album of his that I bought[/li][li]His last album that produced any hits[/li][li]Hi Opal.[/li]
H.J. did, of course, release several albums after 1989’s Cross That Line - at least three more

The first tape I ever went to the record store to purchase was “Dream Into Action.” I really loved the second version of “No One Is To Blame.”

I was just talking about Howard Jones at work recently … had trouble remembering the name of the track he had in the movie “Better Off Dead” (it was “Like to get to know you well”, btw).

But when it all comes down to it, I like modern synthpop better :slight_smile:


Gosh, he was one of my favorite 80s musicians, and I can only remember two of his songs.

Dammit, I meant “Action Replay.”

The only “rock star” poster I ever put up in my bedroom was of Howard Jones, because he is a synth GOD.

He’s one of the artists (along with Level 42 and Peter Gabriel) who taught me that the best tracks of a real musician are almost NEVER the ones you hear on the radio. (as “Eulogy” and “Hide and Seek” prove.)