How's The Port of Churchill (Canada) Doing?

A few years ago, an American entrepreneur bought the port of Churchill, for $1.00-lock, stock, and barrel. His reasoning was that Churchill will become a booming port, if global warming removes ice from the Hudson’s Bay and the Northwest Passage. You save about 1300 miles of ocean steaming, if you ship from Churchill to Rotterdam (rather than shipping from an east coast port).
So, is the venture working out? have merchant ships begun using the Chirchill-Rotterdam route?
By the way, is the Northwst Passage an international waterway, or is it judged to be Canadian Territorial waters?

The Canadians claim it to be Canadian internal waters. Pretty much everyone else regards it as international waters.

You don’t use the Northwest Passage to get to Europe from Churchill.

The OP seems a bit off.
First Omnitrak broujght the Port of Churchill (Manitoba) in 1997, which is 12 years ago - Omnitrak is an American transportation company, other of several other rail-lines besides the one to Churchill (notable to railfans as it was the last bastion in North American for shipping loose grain by boxcar since the rail line couldn’t support the larger covered hoppers used most elsewhere until it was upgraded). Can the OP give a link to Omnitrak buying the port for a dollar or some such nominal sum?
Second, the port of Churchill has been used for shipping grain to Europe for many decades - although the ice-free season is fairly short - reference this wiki on Churchill