How's WordPerfect doing?

I still use WordPerfect version X3 for some stuff that MS Word 2003/2007 makes too diffucult, but as we are MS centric now most of my docs are word docs.

What’s happening with WordPefect these days, is it going to stick around?

I sure hope so!

It has a small core of devotee who use some of the features unavailable and / or extraordinarily difficult in Word. I use some of the typesetting features (columns, overstrike characters, etc.), though its lack of support for unicode is a troubling flaw. I think it’ll limp along for a while unless they give up.

Quit using it 12 years ago when the Gov. agency I was with made everyone switch to word.

The Department of Justice still uses WP12 as its primary word processor.

WordPerfect has been owned by Corel Corp. for some years now. You know, the people who put out Corel Draw, etc. Here’s info on the current version. You can buy it more cheaply (often, much) from vendors. I certainly understand your preference for it. It has always been more user-friendly than Word - but MS is the 800 pound gorilla.

It is a suite includes the usual kinds of stuff. The spreadsheet is descended from QuattroPro.

One thing I miss - in fact the only thing - from WordPerfect is that, in the DOS version, it had the ability to copy several items at the same time. You copied to the F2, F3 (I think it was) etc keys and pasted them back at will. I’ve never come across that facility since, and I still miss it.

Isn’t that the same thing as Microsoft Office’s clipboard?

Oh…uh…possibly… I’ve been using Office for years, and I never knew that. Ignorance fought. Thank you.

I stopped using it when Open Office became a cheaper alternative.

What I really miss is the spreadsheet which was the best.

It’s used by about 50% of law offices. Personally, I find it to be about a million times more useful than Word just for the vastly better .pdf integration - publishing directly to pdf, for example, which AFAIK you can’t do with Word.

You can easily do so with Microsoft Word 2007, although I think WP still offers slightly more/better integration with PDF’s as it gives you a few more features to control how the PDF is created and it has PDF importing features, etc.

plus, reveal codes - handiest feature known!

I love WordPerfect - and it is still used in many law firms, including mine.

Office likes to give you bells and whistles (and a friendly puppy!) but WordPerfect is for serious typists. Every once in a while, I have to work on a Word doc, and I find Word to be the most counter-intuitive software ever made.

WordPerfect ain’t going anywhere!

Preach it, brother!

Yeah - but thousands of employees of other agencies (like mine) who interact with DOJ need to use Word for internal docs, and WP for stuff they send to Justice. :rolleyes:

I couldn’t care less which system I use. (The one thing I can think of that I like about Word is ctrl/delete (or whatever) deletes a word at a time instead of the rest of the line.) But I’d be happiest if I just needed to use and know one system.