HP Compaq la1951g Monitor Troubleshooting

HP Compaq la1951g monitor. A month or two old.

It’s plugged in and the computer recognizes it but there is no picture. To me that suggests that it is powered up and connected correctly but has failed. I can’t, however, pretend that I know what I’m talking about so I ask you.

I tested it on two computers and swapped in a known good svda cable.

Is there anything else I need to check before I look into the warranty?

Nope. It’s warrantee material.

With nothing plugged into it (except for the power cord of course), do you see any sort of test image? Is there a button to get an onscreen menu? Does that appear? If neither occurs, the monitor itself is defective.

That old school square profile monitor was discontinued in 2010-2011 so it’s probably a little older than “a few months old”. I would suspect you may have a refurbished unit. It’s a door stop at this point.

Thanks everyone.

Is that a portmanteau of guarantee and warranty?

Yeah. :slight_smile: Good catch.

Actually it’s mostly a polite euphemism for “trash”.