HPV path of infection

Can an HPV infection transmitted via oral intercourse lead to cervical infection and dysplasia?

I know viruses are tricky.

I’ve done google research & have a good overall sense of the variety of ways that HPV is spread, but I’m specifically trying to answer the question of infectious path within the body. I did find one cite stating that cervical infection does not lead to oral infection, but the source is not entirely reliable. Thanks in advance.

HPV infects similar membrane tissue (membranes with glands ? ) such as cervix, vagina, penis and throat… and anus…
It may cause warts in these areas, but the lack of warts doesn’t mean that there isn’t HPV to pick up there.

Some of the strains cause cancer .


You can get it from going down on a female (cunnilingus) and or fellatio.
Or anal sex, and its even possible even when using a condom.