HR help re: blogs!

I had a run-in with someone who I support a couple weeks ago. It was really bad and I wound up unable to stop crying so I took a sick day. I knew I was in the wrong and apologized profusely. My victim was so upset she went to HR to complain. Not just that, she brought the URL to my blog. Only one of my co-workers knows I have a blog and told my victim.

I know blogs are public forums but the only way anyone can find mine is knowing the URL. I don’t name names. So is this a violation of privacy? Needless to say, I deleted my entire blog.

If you deleted your blog, there might not be a whole lot HR can do; you’ve already remediated the wrong, and unless the complaintant has a hard copy of your blog entry (or if HR visited the site and printed out a copy), it’s going to be her word against yours, since the proof was deleted. Without documentation of what you posted, there’s not a lot most HR departments can do short of asking you to apologize.

That said, you really want to be careful about what you post in a quasi-public place. If you want to post about work topics, don’t give anyone at work the URL, or create another blog just for work entries that is completely private.


I don’t know if you post to your blog from work, but if you do, you might want to be careful with your cache and history. Delete it at the end of each day so that anyone looking through your machine won’t be able to see what you’ve been doing.
Other than that … try and be nice! :rolleyes: :wink:

Actually, in most companies they won’t ever look at your local cache/history. They have a record of what sites you visit each day on the server side. So if you’re going to complain about work on your blog, keep the URL to yourself and never NEVER visit the site from work.

Thanks for all of the tips! Yup, I posted to my blog from work just like I visit SDMB at work. So, I will be much more careful in the future (if there’s a future in blogging for me). I might have updates after my HR meeting today.