HSAs (Health Savings Accounts): Anybody have them? Finding reputable banks?

I’m looking into switching over to an HSA-compatible health insurance plan. Does anyone have any experience with them? My biggest worry is actually finding a good/reputable bank to manage the HSA itself. Most of the ones that handle them are not well-known names, and they often have obscene fees. Any recommendations?

I have one that supplemented the health policy through Fortis Health (now called Assurant Health). Originally (back in '04) interest rates were 4% for balances over $2500 and 3% for balances over $750. Now, they are are 3% and 2%, respectively. No real fees and I get quarterly statements. I’ve never used any of the funds I’ve contributed, so can’t say anything about the administration. I’ll have to see what “bank” they’re using. I know the big bank here in Omaha (first national) has them.

http://www.hsabank.com might be useful…

I have an HSA through my health insurance. I work for a huge company, though, so I don’t even know if we use a bank.

I really like the HSA, though. It simultaneously provides an incentive to practice medical frugality, while providing coverage of absolutely everything. Essentially, I’m covered for anything for which I can get a prescription, as long as I don’t exceed the HSA amount. (This is our first year, so there is nothing built up, yet.)