HTC Vive & other VR

Hey Dopers -

Anyone else playing in the new world of VR? I just recently got my HTC Vive and so far I’m
[li]Blown away by the immersion factor[/li][li]Searching for a game with real depth[/li][li]Slightly worried that we won’t see AAA titles for a looong time[/li][/ul]

I’m looking forward to E3 with the hope we will get some good VR games revealed.

Anyone else playing/have thoughts?

The wait right now is to actually get a reasonable number of headsets in the field. Since neither major supplier can come anywhere close to meeting demand at the moment (I’ve heard estimates as low as about 50K of them have even been manufactured), there just aren’t enough users yet to attract the big players, or even determine if this is popular or niche.

We should have better data by about Christmas time. I expect that 2017 will be the year that mainstream stuff comes out, assuming a sufficient number of users actually buy them.

Actually HTC just announced that new orders now ship within 3 days.

I got mine a couple of weeks ago, and been very impressed with the technology. I already had a Samsung Gear VR but this is something else completely. Mostly I’ve been enjoying Longbow (part of The Lab) and Holopoint - it’s amazing how real those bows and arrows feel - brilliant use of haptic feedback controllers.