HTML--Easy way to add Paragraph Tags?

Is there an HTML editor that can easily add ‘Paragraph’ tags to already written text, without totally screwing up the formatting? For instance, if I had 4 paragraphs, I’d like to be able to select them all, then have them automatically surrounding by the ‘P’ tags.

I used to have a plug-in for HTML-Kit that did this nicely, but I can’t seem to find it again. Is there an alternate editor I can use that does something similar?

Are they already separated into paragraphs? I’m not sure how the editor would know where to start and end the paragraphs if they aren’t. If they are, can you use the <pre> tag to have it keep the formatting exactly as it is?

Yeah, they’re already formatted, with say a blank line between each. The plug-in I had before added the opening and closing tags to each line that had text, which is exactly what I wanted.