HTML / Expression Web 2 disappearing layer help?

I’m working on a webpage with Microsoft Expression Web 2, one of those retro-fancy WYSIWYG editors, and certain layers keep disappearing from its internal layers list altogether. The HTML looks fine to me, but it’s like Expression Web keeps a separate list and refuses to acknowledge the existence of random layers it doesn’t like.

Here is the page in question. The green layer with ID “fb_background” shows up fine in the code and in Firefox, but won’t show up in Expression Web’s internal list. It USED to be there but then mysteriously cloaked itself and now I can’t get it back no matter what I do… tried reloading, recreating it, nesting it in something else, etc.

What the heck’s going on? Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

I’ve never used MS Expression Web, so I’m shooting in the dark, but I’ll try to help.

What happens if you increase the z-level of the “fb_background” div (e.g., to 10, adjusting the z-index for “fb_frontblock” as needed)? I’m curious if “fb_background” then shows up in the list, but knocks “fb_bottombar” off.