I hope this is not a mis-use of this message board…
(A) Does anyone know of a good place to ask HTML questions?
(B) Is there a way to have a web page automatically run it’s action every few seconds. I need to have it re-submit so I can constantly update the status it displays to teh user.

  1. Books. :smiley:
  2. META HTTP-EQUIV=“refresh” CONTENT=“30”
  3. Hi Opal!
    The number in content is equal to the time in seconds.

Rereading your question…no, you can’t use html to re-submit information from a form. Looking for a chat room?

Javascript should work fine, though I couldn’t tell you much about the actual code to use.

Try , and click on the HTML link on the right side. It can take you either through tutorials, or to a tag list where you can get details.

On personal pages I have at home, I have the HTML needed to reload a page after a given number of seconds. I found it on the above site, so look there. If you haven’t found it by the time I’m home, I’ll look it up there.

If you have everything that needs to be submitted within the form (and assuming the form is named frmHTML, then you could set up a javascript function like this (you should probably put it at the end of the body):

This will submit the page after 30 seconds, after which the page will reload, and then be submitted again. You would have to set up seperate code to keep any data on the page after it is refreshed. (This would be pretty easy to do with ASP code)
As for places to look for answers to HTML questions, one place you could go to is WebReference.

But I also find that just typing my question into Google helps me the most.

ah, easy, you can ask here on the board or, hey, how about this one?"

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