Hubble is Dead

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope’s Imaging Spectrograph Has Failed (Aug 6, 2004)

The view was nice while we had it. I guess I’ll go back to rubbing two sticks together, and staring at the sky with a Mark 1 eyeball.

Don’t knock staring at the sky, Squink. You just gotta do it right. Drive out of town, up into the mountains, preferably. Find someplace you can sit and chill for hours in relative peace and isolation. Light up a doobie, put on, say, some Pink Floyd or David Byrne. Perhaps Franz Ferdinand. And just lie back and watch the universe ro-o-o-otate…

Actually, things aren’t quite as dire as you may think. The instrument that failed appears to only be the spectrograph. I’m not trying to belittle the loss. (IMNSHO, shuttle missions to keep Hubble operating are more likely to have continued benefits than continuing to build the heavily Proxmired ISS.) But the visible light telescope itself seems to be still operating.

According to NASA’s Hubble Site the spectrograph was only one of four or five instruments on the HST for taking observations. We still have the wide field and narrow field optical telescopes and the high energy spectroscope. We aren’t down to the Mk I eyeball, yet. :smiley:

Though, like SPOOFE, I can’t say tht the Mk I is completely useless, either. :smiley:

NASA eyes Canadian robot for Hubble repairs:

I so totally have an alibi for whatever time period that thing got busted!

Long Live CHANDRA!

As sad as it is, I think it’s time to retire our dear Hubble. With the new ground-based arrays and other telescopes coming out the cost to maintain Hubble is approaching ludicrous speed. :wink: They have equal or superior resolution to Hubble, across the spectrum, and are far cheaper to maintain. Spend that money on other missions or a new orbital telescope, I say.

What, and let all those civil service jobs in Maryland go to waste? :eek:

Cripes, Squink, you nearly gave me a heart attack.

Pod says a quiet prayer for the continued safety of WFPC and goes back to work.

Make sure to check for any large dog-bone shaped sattelites in the area, it may have been piloted by under-skilled janitor…

Mike broke the Hubble, Mike broke the Hubble!..

Zap: What the hell is that thing?
Kiff: It appears to be the mother ship.
Zap: Then what did we just blow up?
Kiff: The Hubble Telescope.

Sure, but they can’t achieve peak performance consistently.

In my field (solar physics), a there are several 1-meter ground-based telescopes that can achieve 0.1 arcsec resolution. But even with adaptive optics, they can only do this for a small field of view, and only if the atmosphere is stable to begin with. That means a few nights per month if you’re lucky. A space-based solar telescope, the Solar-B satellite, is currently being built for probably 10 times the cost. It will achieve 0.2-arcsecond resolution 24 hours a day for months on end, so it’s well worth the cost.

I’ve read that an updated electronics package would improve Hubble’s resolution even more (remember, she’s only running on a 486 chip), and I wouldn’t be surpised if the CCD in Hubble’s in the low megapixel range compared to what we have now.

NASA to Save Hubble

Beautiful, man, just beautiful. :smiley:

eyes Turkey Curse from a distance

You’re not one of them there X-ray astronomers are you?
If so, welcome to the club! :smiley:

The STSCI is right behind my house.

If my dog wants to cross the stream to poop, he goes right on their backyard. I always wonder if they look out the window and go “there’s that dog again”.

I’m worried when they get shut down if the STSCI is going to get boarded up windows and become a “shooting gallery” for the heroin addicts.

Hey, I thought you were an infrared astronomer, Angua.
Anyhow, this is as good a time as any to bring up the mighty, but sadly-little-known, Spitzer Space Telescope

Nope, X-ray and radio. We do have infra-red astronomers in our group though.