Huff 11/15 episode "Assault and Pepper"

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone other than me tuned in to the second episode.

I’m liking the show even more than last week. Oliver Platt is awesome as sleazy Russell. And I really like Huff’s new assistant.

I like how it’s getting psychologically deep with the Hungarian composer and such.

Don’t much care for L.F. Boyle, but she was awesome as the bi-polar patient.

Clever, clever show. Dark, yet funny.

Gaaaahhh!!! 11/14 episode!! :smack:

What is “Huff” about? I’m curious about the title, since around here, “huffing” is slang for sniffing gas or model glue to get high.

Admittedly, it’s a horrible title for a show. And I know exactly the slang you’re speaking of. The show’s got nothing to do with that.

Anyhow, the show is, at a basic level, about this psychiatrist, Craig Huffstadt (played by Hank Azaria). It’s got a few of your standard sitcom crappy devices (mother who hates daughter in law), but I think so far it’s pretty artfully done and well-acted.

The pilot episode opened with a patient committing suicide in Huff’s office. So it’s sort of thrown him into an existential crisis about life and work and family and what’s important.

And since it’s on Showtime (Sundays at 10), the characters can actually act like real people instead of cardboard cutouts.

Maybe Showtime’s link is a better description: