Huge Emergency! What tie to wear with my new shirt?

I just got a free shirt. Plum colored-reddish plum. With White stripes. Standard 1/4 inch stripe, prob 1/8 inch white.
Now, what color tie should I wear with it?
I was thinking a light aqua. I don’t want conservative, but I want yuppie chic.
Oh, it was free, and I can’t give it up.
What saith you?


Where do you live? It makes a difference.

And what field do you work in?

My thought is that your tie should be darker than your shirt, otherwise it looks ‘funny’.

I read this thread to my wife, and her immediate response was “I was going to say light blue”

If I were you, I’d listen to her, not me.

Hmm. My first inclination was deep, dark plum or a dark brick red. Then I thought about white, but depending on how well you pull things off, it might be a bit too “Miami Vice”, unless you’re the type who can pull that off.

I live in Oklahoma City.

Thanks for the suggestions so far, everybody!

I’ll check out that light blue biz!

Best wishes,