Huge frog in my yard

Do you have Firefox or Chrome? Chrome has an option to open a tab in “incognito window”. FF has this too but I forget what it’s called. It’s great for if you just want to see a site that one time and don’t want to disable AB. I just now used it myself.

It’s on the right top side, where you can choose to open a new tab or window on Chrome.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have firefox and, while I couldn’t see “incognito window” specifically, there is a private window option so I tried that.

No worky but worth the try and something I didn’t know about before!

Indeed, friends can be good eating.


Did you try giving it a kiss?

Well, he always has some mighty fine wine.


Just discovered that I can view the photo on my phone, which is using uBlock Origin, not AdAware.

I cant see t he pic, all I get is a loading animation. If yuu’re in Florida or south Texas, it might be a cane toad.

Do you live in Florida? I think they may have the giant cane toads there. Another thing, they may not be able to get out of the pool, can you put something in the pool that might act as a ladder for them? If they can’t get out they will die.

(Burns and Schreiber reference.)

But is it a giant Communist frog from Cuba?

Try this. Imgur attempt.


Oh I love him! He looks all ready to sproing away :slight_smile:

Years ago we were outside and heard this occasional big thumping sound, went around the back of the house and found the biggest frog I’ve ever seen, even larger than that guy.

Hey I’ve been frog-gigging! And eaten frog legs on the menu of a local restaurant more than once. Laissez les bon Kentuckians rouler. :slight_smile:

One night years ago I was walking at night from my mother’s house to mine when I crossed paths with a large toad. I had my F707 with me, so I followed him around for a while watching him through the camera’s IR night vision as he went about snacking on bugs. My hope was to get a high shutter-speed flash shot freeze-framing him tongue-extended snatching up something, but while I saw several captures he was way too fast for me. Got a few good static shots, though. (Recycling this one from a different post today.)

Tish! That’s French!

The biggest toad I’ve ever seen was at my parents’ house back in New Mexico a few years back. Enormous. Salad-plate size. Just hugely fat.

And he was so fat because he was a genius: every night, he was parked right under my parents’ bug zapper. Basically, he got a night-long stream of cooked food delivered right to him.