Huge methane gas leak in Los Angeles

I was just reading in the mainstream news about a methane gas leak that is dumping thousands of pounds of gas into the atmosphere!
Schools being relocated, people being relocated and many people are seriously ill.

FAA has established a no fly zone in certain areas due to the possibility of explosions.

Any of you good people live out there able to shed some light on this situation?


I take it the mainstream news story was light on details. Have you got a link?

I assume this is what the OP is referring to:

I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times on KTLA, but I ever dug into it. What I saw or heard did seem a little bizarre, almost like the officials didn’t care.

I heard this on the radio as I am driving but the officials had mentioned that this is an event on land similar to the Horizon rig.

Bunch of people sick, schools and residence being relocated.

Fracking cause this or what?

From the article [emphasis mine]:

So it would seem that the rich douchebags of Porter Ranch are having psychosomatic symptons from the gas leak. (Methane itself is non-toxic, as are the stinky additives.) Boo-hoo to them.

But still…three weeks??? That’s ridiculous. Even my HOA fixes problems faster than that!

Since the OP is asking about personal experiences, let’s move this to MPSIMS.

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WOW! So this has been an ongoing event for months?

Take it you don’t reside in Porter Ranch?

I blame it all on government over-regulation.

This has been going on for a while, I’m surprised it hasn’t received more attention. The problem is that nothing can be done about it right now, and methane being an invisible gas, does not provide any interesting pictures. So the story is that it happened, nothing can be done right now, and there’s nothing to show on TV.

This situation and the handling of it stinks.


I see what you did there:D

It’s been getting quite a bit of attention on KFI. John and Ken did a live broadcast from the neighborhood earlier this week.

Where’d you get psychosomatic from? You try to smell natural gas for three months and see how long you last before you start feeling sick to your stomach or get a headache.

I remember many years ago I opened my (attached) garage door and was hit with the smell of a gas leak. I walked inside and the whole house reeked of gas. I noticed the stove was turned on (with no flame) and turned if off right away and started opening up windows and doors. I asked my (now ex) wife what was going on. The first thing she said is “I wonder if that’s why I have a headache”.

From here:
Inhalation exposures: Symptoms may include fever, cough, dyspnea, tightness
and burning in the chest, dizziness, headache, loss of sense of smell, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Non toxic or not (and the victims being rich or otherwise), they still shouldn’t have to smell it…for months on end.
I assume you wouldn’t mind if it was happening in your backyard, right?

Well, they can show the infrared images, that you see on this website about the lawsuit. Apparently this leak is emitting a huge amount of greenhouse gas.

No fucking kidding!

I saw a little “story” on the TV news and they couldn’t even bother with telling what city or area was affected other than, “Southern California”. :rolleyes:

Yeah, thanks for that “in depth reporting”. I was curious, as I know a few people who live down there.

It sound more serious than the previous posts suggest:

Out in the oil fields, they have pipes with flames burning to eliminate natural gas buildup.

It prevents a explosive amount from building up. They even piped it into oil field workers homes for cooking and heating. My grandparents used free natural gas from a well in front of their house, for decades, but it was unrefined. Water, sand etc in the gas. Their stove and gas heaters required servicing regularly.

Burning off the gas could be an option in this situation, if it can be done in a controlled way.

I don’t think anyone’s fracking for oil in the city itself, but I could be wrong.

Love your screenname, by the way!

I have a hard time believing they can’t stop this leak sooner somehow. I mean, the plan is apparently to drill down, intercept the shaft, and pump in cement. Couldn’t they just drop a hose down with a balloon, inflate it, and then pour adhesive (and later, cement) on top of the balloon plug?

It seems likely to me that it’s really an issue of cost. Because the leak affects all of us but has no directly calculable cost, it’s “cheaper” to let it continue while the slow drilling plan proceeds than to take drastic action.