Huge watermain break on Sunset Blvd, near UCLA

Any Westwood-area Dopers affected by this?

It’s been going since about 3.30, and when i checked the KTLA live feed a few minutes ago, it was still gushing away. Must be tens of thousands of gallons so far. Just what Southern California needs with the current drought!

They’ve shut Sunset east of the 405, right at rush hour, so traffic around there must be an absolute clusterfuck right now.

WOW! So much water! I just came across it going through an MSN news feed. The flooding on campus and the flooded stadiums is really a sight. Kind of amazing, really. I’ve seen main breaks before, but apparently not the mother main!

According to this story, it released about 8 to 10 million gallons of water before they managed to turn it off.

Apparently the pipe can deliver up to 75,000 gallons a minute.

Maybe they were just shooting a re-make of Escape From L. A.

My wife is a professor at UCLA so she got a text alert about it even though she’s out of town.

It’s bad. The water poured into the underground parking structure under the lacrosse field, so who know how many cars have been destroyed. And it flooded out all the athletic buildings in the heart of campus, the basketball court, the Wooden Center. Fortunately none of the academic buildings were flooded, but the damage has got to be in the millions of dollars.

A few good pics here.

My alma mater
Is under water.

Is floating away,

The drought
Wins out.

Maybe it would be cheaper to just abandon basketball, freeze the court, and start a hockey program.

How deep did the water get in the underground parking lot?

From the snippet I saw on the noon news, the lowest level cars were nearly submerged. I think he also said it was around half of some 700 cars in 2 underground levels.

What does it say about me that I first read this as “Huge watermelon break…”? :smack:

Good grief, woman, I came in to say the exact same thing. Great minds think alike, eh?

Gallagher declined to comment.

Makes you wonder how bad this could have been if there had been a major earthquake.

And KABC got pranked on the air by a fake water department spokesman while covering the story.

I read this thread title as Huge Watermelon Break, every time I come into this subforum. :wink: I’m thinking why is a broken melon a big deal? Get some paper plates and plastic forks.

Spaces are important. Water Main.