Hugeass American Ovens And Thanksgiving Turkeys

I have heard it before, but once again, on one of those HGTV shows, they were showing the newest in appliances and mentioned that Americans always wanted kitchen ovens that had plenty of room for their Thanksgiving turkey.

Having lived in Europe, I noticed that few people had those big honker ovens in their kitchens, despite the fact they baked and cooked often.

Granted, I have one, as do most people I know in the US, and although I would love to have a top stove with five or six burners (which I do not have) for when I am making a large dinner, to be quite honest, I only use the oven for a casserole, or for baking - but never really need to fill the thing.

Is there any other reason whatsoever to have a kitchen oven with that much cubic space inside? I mean, other than the Thanksgiving turkey, how often do you put a huge item in your oven?

Sometimes you need a place to hide a body on short notice…or so I’ve heard.

And any Bugs Bunny fan can tell you it’s the ideal place to hide from the cops if you’re a Mobster.

Who cares. MMmmmm turkey.

Maybe 4 or 5 times a year.

One time even, I was staying at a State Park and cooked TWO count 'em two turkeys at the same time for Thanksgiving.

But yeah, I use mine a lot for roasts and cooking of large amounts of food. We are a family of six. I prolly cook in it 4 or 5 times a week; and the dishes are large enough that a smaller oven wouldn’t do.

I’ve never had anything but your average, run-of-the-mill oven with four burners on top, and I’ve never had any problems cooking my turkeys; I usually cook a monster 30 pounder and we live on leftovers for a week. There’s no room for anything else in there, though.

The only other time I cook anything really big is when I make my lasagna; it goes into my big 12x15 roasting pan, which is about 5 inches deep and filled to the top with lasagna-y goodness…mmmm…We can eat on that for a week, too.