Huh. Turns out Shodan is regarding us all, after all

News item: “Shodan webcam search engine raises privacy concerns for Internet of Things.”

Soooo… just when you think you’re private, she’s checking out your meat and bone as you pant and sweat? Damn h-h-h-hackers.

I’m on a desktop - a shiny newish all-in-one with touchscreen, microphone, speakers, and camera all built in.
It shipped with camera enabled, and any number of automated ‘phone home’ hooks from both the manufacturer and Microsoft (Win 8.1).

I think i have them all disabled. Now I hear that Win10 (you WILL use it or die!) has 'phone home’s that even MS concedes cannot be disabled.

I have a bit of cardstock taped over the known camera.

And now we are supposed to have our appliances and even the thermostats connected? Yeah, right…

Remember the absolute shock when it was disclosed that Google had turned over “who searched for what” data?

In 50 years, it will be revealed that the NSA or other spook group demanded and got a gps geotag transmitted from every device sold in the US.

Will you really be surprised when it turns out that Uber transmits userid/phone id + date/time and location of pickup + date/time and location of destination + driver id to the NSA?

Darnit. I thought of that joke when I caught this on Reddit a day or two ago, but then forgot.

Well done, Northern Piper, well done!