Huked on Fonix: A Nation of Illiterates?

Factual Question: Have people have real, appreciable success with Hooked on Phonics? I really wonder because I am tutoring several high school boys in various subjects. Their writing skills are poor because their spelling skills are poor. And, their spelling skills are poor because their reading skills are poor. I have to wonder if they were not taught to read phonetically, rather than traditionally. The moderators may move this thread, if need be…

  • Jinx

W: I can’t breathe!
M: Oh, then drink some water. Afterall, I breathe and drink plenty of water! (“Seems Like Old Times”)

“Have people have real…” Look who’s talking! :smack:

It should have read: “Have people had real…” :smiley:

  • Jinx

Actually, as far as I know, the best approach is a combination of what is called “whole language” learning and phonetics.

Cecil on whole-language vs. phonics.