Hulu live... Have you tried it?

I’m considering upgrading my Hulu subscription to Hulu live. Has anyone tried it? It also comes with a 50-hour DVR service to it looks like. For 40 bucks that sounds like a good deal to me.

40 a month?

Yep. $40/month. Includes the ESPN Channels and local channels as well. Seems like a good option for a cord cutter

Did you compare to Sling (Blue and Orange)?

Not recently, no. Unless it’s changed, there’s no DVR option with skiing and a lot fewer channels in their lineup. I’ll re check it out though.

Pretty sure Sling does have DVR options now. As does YouTube TV. These services are all pretty similar. I used YouTube TV for a while, will probably resubscribe at some point but Hulu Live will definitely warrant a second look.

Is the interface any better than standard Hulu?

$5 per month for 50 hours cloud DVR from Sling.

Big guide to streaming services here:

Links to free trials for the various services at the very bottom. Also you can scroll through various topics on that forum.