Human exhibit at London zoo. Londoners, please tell me you're just bored.

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This is the silliest thing I’ve seen in a long while. And what’s with the fig leaves? Please tell me they didn’t really wear fig leaves. I mean, at what point in our evolution did we walk around wearing fig leaves? Oh, wait. That wasn’t evolution, that was a bible story.

The pictures seem to show them wearing bathing suits, not fig leaves, which I suspect is the newspaper writer’s imposition on the situation.

When I lived in Binghamton, N.Y. one summer they had a stunt with the unveiling of a new creature at Ross Park Zoo. It turned out to be one of the local DJs.

They let him out at the end of the day, though.

I keep hearing that about a hundred years ago they actually had a black guy from Africa as an exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. I haven’t confirmed this, but I’ve seen it reported in multiple places. They also report that he wasn’t locked in or anything, and was free to roam the grounds.

I sure hope those people in London get an enclosed area for bathroom breaks.

You’re thinking of Ota Benga. Accounts vary a bit, but it seems that at first, he was allowed to roam the grounds, locked only in the cage at night, but others state that he was kept locked in the cage with the oragutans.

Do a search. You’ll find lots of pages, but, just to let you know, a good portion of them are Christian anti-evolution pages.

Another person who was kept in a cage was Saartje Baartman, The Hottentot Venus." After she died, her brain, genitals and skeleton were put on dislay.

Remember this thread?

Wouldn’t a mirror be cheaper, and easier than paying people to stay in the cage? What happens if a fight breaks out in there, or between a zoo patron and the exhibit inhabitant(s)? What about escape attempts, and possible unionization of the denizens of the exhibition?


Nuts to that - what happens if they start flinging poo??

“You were right… People are the same all over!”

Well, as a tour guide, I guess you could say I am part of the exhibit!

(sigh) Most days I’m at work longer than I’m home. I might as well live there…

Actually, they are in very obvious bathing suits decorated with fig leaves. Not really a hint of salaciousness. They are fed meals by chefs & treated quite nicely while on display. The participants won a contest to be selected for the exhibit.

So…he got into an exhibit displaying humans…by comparing himself…to other animals

It’s another lame brained attempt at another “reality” show. Nothing to see here folks. Keep moving please.

That’s what I thought of when I saw this thread (no big surprise).