"Human Face" on PBS. What utter Crap!

I actually switched it to Glen Beck when they tried to (seriously) predict who has led happier lives based on a picture in a 40-year old yearbook! The study with the arguing married couple was equally as laughable.

Now, I know John Cleese was the host, but was this junk science really just a long-lost Monty Python skit? Was I being “wooshed”?

PBS, I withdrawl my pledge! (Well, I would if I actually made one. But now I won’t for sure!)

Don’t watch this crap.

Got any linkage, when did this come on?

I think it’s pretty old. I saw it a long time ago and enjoyed it. But I’m no scientist.

This was on TLC 5 years ago!

Here’s one thread I could find. There may be others.

It’s not ‘junk science’, nor is it 'crap. The facial expression that indicates true happiness can’t be faked:


I don’t have a link handy at the moment, but people who smile with their eyes that way are supposedly happier overall. There’s also been studies showing that people can be born with the tendency to happiness http://www-psych.stanford.edu/~span/Press/bk1202press.html

40 years ago? At the exact moment the shutter of the year-book-photographer’s camera went “cleek”?

I stand by “Junk Science”.

They’re probably as accurate (not!) as the “body language experts” who routinely tell you the exact status of celebrities relationships from a single paparazzi shot.

Sorry, Gatopescado, but you lost me with: