Human Growth Hormone Stimulator for Youth

On weekend radio there are at least two stations that adverise these wonderful supplements such as pills with green tea and other greens and vitamins and minerals in them and they have people call in saying oh I feel so wonderful, and one is an elaborate purging system which I wouldn’t consider at all. But now I wonder if the one that isn’t human growth hormone itself but natural substances that promote your pituitary or whatever to start in secreting your own human growth hormone. You turns younger or at least within reason, they’re not claiming total reversion or anything, in only a few days. Doctors prescribe it for their patients. Everyone calls in saying it works. It is called by some letters I never can remember like HGR 15 or HCR 15 (or maybe that’s something else?)
HGL 15. HGH 15? Is this any good? The man says that after the age of 18 or 21 your own human growth hormone stops and you start ageing, but you can restimulate it.

If you could stay young with a hormone pill, you’d probably hear about it beyond the confines of a weekend radio talk show. If you saw pictures of adults who still make and use large amounts of growth hormone, they ain’t basketball players, and you wouldn’t want to look like that.

As for youth, if you are under 18 (and I’m guessing you might be), taking growth hormone would make you SHORTER than your natural height if your body is already producing it. In order to work in the body, it also has to be given in the “pulsatile” manner like it is naturally secreted.