Human rights for apes

Hello guys,

Here is something interesting and controversial. Spanish government wants to grant human rights to monkeys. Monkeys would not anymore be anyone’s property and would be placed under legal guardianship similar to that in cases of infants, handicapped and elderly people. The same political coalition supports the right to abortion and medical euthanasia, stating that great apes have more self-awareness than infants and elderly people. In consequence, monkeys would have more rights than unborn children. It is serious legislative proposal.

There is an article about it, which also explains ideological background behind the proposal:

Here are other interesting articles about this issue, if you are interested:



That’s something unusual.

Europe always has had bright ideas about how to change the world.

Methinks the Spanish mushroom crop came in early.

No; they want to grant some rights to (non-human) apes.

Well by that definition, lots of species will need protection from torture.

Have they thought this through? Are they prepared for the millions of monkey refugees who will show up in Spain fleeing oppression in their homelands?

There was some parody where someone said “We’re proud to announce that we’ve extended full civil rights to negros, chimpanzees and dogs. Aren’t we enlightened!” Cite anyone?

How do you even know when an ape wants an abortion? They don’t all know sign language!

Makes sense. Non-human apes are more morally aware and caring about their fates than unborn children. Infants are probably the best comparison to the moral status of a non-human ape.

I suppose, then, that W’s rights in Spain will hereafter be uncontested.

Especially his right to euthanasia! :slight_smile:

This has me remembering the short story by Heinlein “Jerry Was a Man.”

I for one welcome our new ape overlords.

At least Jerry could talk.

Not to mention the problem of gay monkey rights. How will we know the subtle difference between apes who like bananas and apes who like “bananas”?

Of course, if this idea spreads here, apes can count on the NRA to protect their right to bear arms! :slight_smile:

“Oook shreeeek ooka oooka!”

(translated from the Pongid: “Do ya feel lucky, punk?!”)

At least with bonobos, you don’t have to guess! :smiley:

IANAME (monkey expert) but the main problem I see with this is that apes don`t always conform to human behavioral norms. If we give them legal rights similar to humans, does this mean they can be incarcerated when they act violently towards humans or apes?

I suspect the OP may not be a native speaker of English. In some other European languages, the terms “ape” and “monkey” are the same, or similar.

From the OP:

I see no reason why not; indeed, I strongly doubt anyon’es talking about reasing chimpanzees in Toledo.

I think this is an idea (limited rights for primates, not releasing chimps in Toledo) long overdue.


Give Apes the Vote! You Won’t Regret It!