Human Trafficing as in the movie Hostel

In the movie Hostel, several unsuspecting american travelers find out (the hard way) that the hostel where they are staying is just a ploy to kidnap them. Once captive, wealthy people pay for the opportunity to do whatever they want to these guys- ending in a grisly death for the victim.

Eli Roth claims he got the idea after hearing about such places. I have no doubt that there are people out there who would get their jollies by torturing and killing someone, but is there evidence that such an organization actually exists?

I’m not talking about the female slave trade, and serial killers don’t count- This is purchasing someone for the joy of killing them.

I highly doubt this has a factual answer that can be posted and/or found out from a board like this.

To the OP: Gosh I hope not.

Do gladiators count?

As for the modern world, perhaps a GQ answer could be found by someone with appropriate access to records of conviction.

Yeah, it borders on UL. Hence, my question. Maybe someone noticed people dissapearing when they went to a certain country?

And no…Gladiators don’t count. :stuck_out_tongue:

It has been suggested that something like this might be behind the rape/murders of numerous young women in Cuidad Juarez.

Wikipedia article

I could have sworn like a year ago they announced that they had arrested someone for atleast some of these murders.