Humans will never live on another planet, says Michel Mayor

Michel Mayor has just attacked a tenet of atheist mythology by stating that humans will never be able to use science to colonize celestial bodies and thus conquer the universe. (source)

I grew up in a communist society and it was really annoying to see how those in power mocked the local Abrahamic monotheistic religion while developing and promoting ad nauseam their own myths.

It is equally frustrating to listen to seemingly rational atheists rambling about humans spreading across the galaxy or creating conscious AI.

Just because one is lucid enough not to accept religion, superstition, and the like does not mean one’s perspective on mankind should teem with science fiction wishful thinking. Atheism is simply lack of belief in the divine, nothing more.

My opinion is that if one were really rational and used what he or she knew about human beings, one would easily realize that Man will never colonize Mars or “the universe.”

What does this have to do with atheism?

I think he’s right. For all of the proclamations about the Moon and Mars, I think the notion that we’ll ever have more than a handful of people living on something other than Earth to be just fever dreams of people who read/watch too much science fiction.

Wait, there’s an atheist mythology? That’s news to me.

You say it’s about the belief that humanity will propagate to other celestial bodies? How is this belief inherently incompatible with theistic religions?

I agree that we will never colonize space. I also think that the fantasy of doing so is ultimately destructive; we are treating earth as if we have a spare, when we don’t. This planet is our tomb.

…What is this?

It’s possible that humans will never colonize any place off of the Earth. The most likely scenario where this would happen would be if we manage to drive ourselves extinct in the near future (or at least destroy our civilization, and we then go extinct before we can rebuild it). But I would think that theists would consider that even less likely than atheists would.

And what the heck is “atheist mythology”, and how does space colonization relate to it at all?

U mad bro?

I was speaking to a flat earther who believes that space is a hard shell that may act like a lense for the great light (sun). He doesn’t have a good way to explain visible artificial satellites and sort of uses intentional deception of high speed high flying objects made to look like orbiting stuff, but mainly just ignore them as he can’t seem to make them work in his model. He doesn’t believe that planets other than earth exist and the moon is just a light, not a solid surface. Gravity just pulls down. He states that’s from his observations which match what he reads in the KJ version of the Bible. He seems to have friends who share that believe so there is the opportunity to say it’s incompatible. However he does leave open the possibility of other places to exist such as Hell and Heaven, Heaven leaves open the possibility of other places that man has visited with divine help.

As for atheist mythology, it seems like the generalized belief that scifi creations inspires people/children, some of who become scientists to create these things - being on a subconscious path to do so. However we run into the same argument of atheist/theist what is the source of inspiration of the scifi writer? Is it solely in the person, is that person being guided, is that inspiration direct from God since everything is from God.

This is quite a strange phrase. Atheists don’t believe in a “god” as religious people do. How’s that a mythology?

Atheist mythology? What the fucking christ?

Please. All you need is self-replicating spaceships capable of manufacturing living proteins, and we’ll settle the entire galaxy within 10 million years - 20 max.

Also, fuck you, Michel Mayor. You’re a scientist. Your job is to tell humanity what we can do, not what we can’t.

OK, so it may be incompatible with one particular monotheistic religion. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the fact that that particular religion is theistic, and it does not follow that it must be incompatible with all theistic religions. IOW, the mythology described by the OP is not inherently an atheistic mythology.

The problem is that no one shows up for the meetings, so we can’t get the word out.

I don’t believe in meetings.

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In Atheist Mythology, the Creator is called No Body.

In the Beginning, No Body causes the Big Bang, from which the entire history of the Universe begins (as recounted in the Hymn of The Big Bang Theory, chanted by the Nude Women). Then No Body created the Earth, and all the Animals, and finally Man, taking more than seven days. In this he was aided by the angels Darwin and Wallace, along with Darwin’s pet Bulldog, Huxley.

We have now been informed of this by the Mayor Loonytown.

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