Hummingbirds at my feeders!

I’m so excited. I’ve seen a male broadtail and a male and female black-chinned. They are so cute!

They are adorable. My parents have a feeder outside one of their windows so we get to see 'em all the time. I don’t bother to learn their species and stuff though. Do you put anything special in your feeder or just sugar water?

Hi Breaknrun ,

I just put a simple sugar solution with no red dye in the feeders. They seem to prefer the feeders with little perches, and they stay and drink longer. I think that they are able to save precious calories by taking a break while sitiing on the perches.

I moved from the northeast just six months ago, and there are so many more varieties of hummingbirds here. The northeast only has the ruby-throated variety. Plus, the season is so LONG here. I was actually late in getting the feeders put up. Bear in mind that I used to live in that frozen wasteland known as Buffalo, NY!