humnri passport "scam"

Have any of you received the bizarre email about going to the following site and then entering your details and BINGO, there will be your passport details for the whole world to access. I tried it at home on an Apple Macintosh but it took too long to load so now I’m at an internet cafe but the link doesn’t work anymore. Is it true or a scam? I’ve heard conflicting reports. It’s meant to be something to do with post September 11 international travellers.

The link is meant to be

I think you’re very lucky that the link doesn’t work anymore. Why in the world would you want to give your “passport details” to a total stranger? Last I checked (a month ago), the passport form requires your full name, your address, YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, and one or two other tidbits which an identity thief would dearly love to know.

Well, even the corrected link doesn’t work, so the jury’s still out on what the heck you are talking about.

Neither of those URLs are working for me. However, you should be wary of any site that requires you to enter personal details, unless there’s a good reason.

No, supposedly what happens is you simply enter your first & last names and your country of origin and it searches it’s database and brings up your passport details. It’s meant to be something to do with NATO and tracking post Sept 11 travellers. This site said nothing about entering your address (apart from country) or social security number (or “tax file number” as we call it here in Oz).

So does entering “John Smith, USA” generate thousands of entries?

I would imagine so but I have no idea coz I can’t get it to work!

Now, if this worked, how long would it be before CNN reported on it and Slashdot pummeled it into slag?

Yep. Crap.

What’s Slashdot?

A site for geeks to discuss technical news/inuendo

It’s also the prime focus of the most devious possible attack on a website:

Sites linked to by Slashdot are often so overloaded by people (slashdotters) clicking through the link that the servers hosting those sites die. Very few sites are able to withstand a concerted slashdotting.

The second link works for me. You enter a name and choose country. It found a one entry for John Smith, United Kingdom. And then shows the “passport” which is a picture of a monkey and some personal info such as location of birth :Internet.

So… a not very funny joke.

When I read the OP, I suspected it was similar to this, already discussed on Snopes, but there was never enough detail (or working links) provided to be sure.

Thank you very much for your post. Yeah, funny joke huh? Stitch me up. I’m glad so many people responded to my post though in a constructive, helpful way, rather than the odd “Why would you be stupid enough to do that?” or “I have no idea what you’re talking about”. Thank you again for using this site in the way I believe it’s meant to be used. To help the ignorant, in the true sense of the word. :slight_smile: