Humor Columnist From Fort Worth 80s

When I used to visit my grandparents in Forth Worth in the 80s, the paper there (I’m not sure which one) used to have a columnist that would writer amusing observations on life. Not “ha ha” funny but amusing, he was a male with a beard (according to his column picture) in his 30s. Franky l can’t even remember the paper.

I’ve tried to google but to no avail. Anyone have any idea who this is. Kind of like a local Dave Barry type.

I’m not sure who the columnist is, but the major daily paper in Fort Worth is the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

I would have guessed John Kelso , except he’s in Austin and tries to be funny but he’s not.

Thanks so far, I’ve checked the Star-Telegram but I can’t find a list of old columnists.

I’ll keep looking, he was very funny, actually better than Dave Barry.

Could it have been Jim Hightower? He’s one of those Texas smartasses.

*When I entered politics, I took the only downward turn you could take from journalism. *

No beard, but I’m thinking you may be remembering Paul Crume of The Dallas Morning News. He did exactly what you remember, wrote amusing observations on life, particularly regarding the Dallas-Ft.Worth metroplex. His column was called “Big D”.

Upon reflection, I recall that he died in the mid-70s, so perhaps he’s not your guy after all.

My friend John Sherman wrote a humor column for the Sante Fe Reporter around that time called “Generally Sherman.” No idea if it was in any other papers or even in the same area, though…