Humorous Typos in Company Announcements

I love these! This one appeared at my wife’s place of work this morning, detailing upcoming changes in parking policy. The first paragraph reads:

Effective Sunday, December 5, 2004, several changes are slated for the Clinical Center (CC) Parking Garage. These changes affect individuals that currently have special parking permits: P-1, Special Shit and Medical Consultant. PLEASE ALERT THEM OF THE CHANGE.
Someone’s gonna get a call this morning!

How can I get a permit that designates my shit as special?

Sounds like those stool sample analysts are getting special treatment.

I’ve heard of someone being Hot Shit, but not Special Shit.
Maybe these are the people that my mother is always talking about. The ones whose shit doesn’t stink.

When I was an undergrad, our Public Law ceremony (Public Law was an emphasis offered) invitations invited everyone to attend the Pubic Law graduation ceremony.

Well, this is just too weird! The memo from tht OP above with the typo was sent out because of changes required with the completion of a new parking structure on the campus. Well, the parking structure has just collapsed! Link.

I don’t know what to think. Hope the trapped worker is found safe!

When my mom volunteered at a local hospital we got a flyer inviting us to the Annual Candy Stripper Christmas Party. :eek:

One of our fliers promoting a special event at our extreme sports facility advertised “back to back, fast paced painball”, with references to painball as a very safe, fun sport for the whole family. Paintball would be a little more fun than Painball. I got a few interesting phone calls on that one.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t.

I always like the ones that use “everyday” instead of “every day.”

Yeah, telling your customers that your product/service is mundane and ordinary is also a good marketing strategy.

Jeez. Poor guy. Whoever designed that parking garage was obviously… ah, Especially Shit. :frowning: