Hunky vampires.

I really do not understand the sex appeal of a vampire. It’s not looks, for sure. And women (gay men too, I understand) have pretty much always been turned on by the blood suckers.
So, maybe it’s the neck thing?

I’m a female, and I’m with you, my friend. Some of my coworkers are into those Sookie Stackhouse books and kept talking about how sexy Bill and Eric are. They lent me the first two books, and I just don’t see it. They’re DEAD, people. Dead. And they suck your blood! Bleah. Not sexy.

Dead and presumably cold to the touch.
Iced cold dick? (oops can I say dick?)
I too am female and do not get it.

Vampires are the ultimate “bad guys.” They prey on humans for their survival, so if one falls in love with you/spares you, it, I don’t know, makes you an ubersexy/desirable female (after all, he overwrote his *survival instincts for you). Plus, associating with bad guys kind of makes you a bit badass without having to get your hands dirty and actually do anything bad. And vampire/human tough guys can protect and defend you.

(I’m a bit of a vampire girl, and it’s mainly just a fun fantasy. I like things that are kind of dark and dangerous but don’t actually exist, since that would just make it scary.)

Edit: *I know it’s kind of antifeminist to like that, but I admit it, I would like to feel protected. I am not really physically strong or particularly courageous, and I know that thanks to biology, I probably would never be able to fend off a strong, in-shape male without a lethal weapon. Not that an attacker wouldn’t have a lethal weapon himself these days, but we’re talking fear and emotional inclinations here, not logic and reality.

Maybe you’re not looking at the right vampires? Oh, and of course this guy. The one in the back, that is.

I find dark and dangerous a bit sexy, too. I guess it’s because of the excitement and risk. There’s often a fine line between excitement/risk and actual fear, which therefore requires something scary.

(Yeah, I missed the edit.)

Oh… and as for why, power. They are usually portrait as physically fit, beautiful, intelligent, confident, stealthy, lethal, perhaps of royal blood – beyond human in every way that sexually matters. Why wouldn’t you be attracted to them?

And, they do go for the neck. Which for some reason is a surprisingly hard spot to get dudes to pay attention to, dagnabit (it’s my neck, not my feet! it doesn’t smell!)

Because they’re dead. Cold and dead, or undead–but still: dead.

I’m not super into vampires or anything, however as a guy, the appeal would seem to come from the fact that they are portrayed by:
-Extremely attractive actresses in tight leather outfits carrying guns or swords
-Porn stars
-Quirky indie film princesses

And they tend to be dressed like they just came from a nightclub in Prague at 3am.

Most of those things are considered sorta hot on their own even without the superpowers and ass-kicking ability.

Sure, IRL, what is essentially a walking, talking corpse would be creepy and offputting as hell. But it is my understanding that everything about vampires (assuming they aren’t of the grotesque Nosforatu variety) is supposed to attract you to them.

I have never been interested in the “bad boy” thing at all. If someone seems dangerous, that’s a sign to stay the fuck away from them, if anything. This applies to things that don’t exist, like vampires, just as well as to things that do exist.

Besides, hello, walking corpse? I like lovers with, you know, pulses; I’m just kind of weird that way.

I will admit that I had a huge cruch on Gary Oldman after Dracula. The all-consuming passion was what did it for me…that and the points mentioned above

…and that Twilight dude that looks like a couple of house centipedes fell asleep on his forehead? That’s sexy?!?

As my wife pointed out to me (based on the Anne Rice books, which she was really into as a teen; I assume she’s correct) – because vampires cannot, y’know, actually have sex?

But all those pretty people would be sexy without the vampire thing.
The point (which I didn’t make clear) of my link to the picture in the OP of the not-so-pretty vampire character was that even the ugly ones had the women all a twitter back then, and still would. I guess. The female character in the movie andnovel always wound up wantonly offering herself to the bloodsucker.
Even in novels, the vampire was usually described as repulsive in appearance.
And the women still swooned. :confused:
I know nothing of modern movies and novels though.

I almost never login here and actually post, but dangit, I love vampires.

First, not all are “corpses”. Some can have sex, it all depends on the genre. Some have souls; in fact, most of the ones I’ve read/seen do. Some are warm, not ice cold, with beating hearts.

And they live forever. They can heal, and are hard to kill. I don’t see what’s not awesome about that. It’s not that they are automatically sexy (some definitely aren’t). Maybe I’m intrigued by the whole “I have to surpress my urge to kill, deprive myself of human contact and real relationships, I’m so tortured” thing. Because I often feel that way myself (except for the killing part). It’s the anti-hero thing.

Now the ones who lose their souls and become zombie-like, not cool. And the evil ones (30 Days of Night), also not cool. Although I was grinning like a fool when those vampires ate that whole town.

Vampire ‘sex appeal’ is a lingering, somewhat watered-down holdover of Victorian era morality. In an age in which any and all discourse on the subject of sex was considered ‘base, indecent and unfit for polite society’, vampire stories like “Dracula” and “Carmilla” were a covert way of dealing with sexual themes and situations. The image of the male vampire baring his fangs at a young woman’s neckline (considered a ‘discreet area of the body’, one that ought to be covered up) had an enormously visceral sexual association to the original 1890s readers of ‘Dracula.’

Think of the common scenario: Count Dracula comes out under cover of night, stalking the gaslit back-streets of London, seeks to satisfy his blood lust, and typically pursues young women with borderline moral principles and transforming them into damanable creatures - after suffering a prolonged, grievious illness. Substitute the vampire’s blood lust with a lust for sex, and much of the rest of the elements fall into place: Society Gentlemen would often make visits to backstreets in search of whores to have sex with under cover of darkness. The anemic illness the vampire’s victims suffered was akin to contracting V.D., and it was generally believed that even associating with loose moralled people would cause a previously ‘pure’ woman to degenerate into a wanton woman.

Being gay of course is still by many (ignorant IMO) people considered to be ‘wrong’ and inherently immoral. It is associated with contracting a fatal illness. It is associated with being out at night (nightlife, late night bars, etc.) It’s not a stretch for young gay people who are being taught that to be gay is to be a damned creature of the night to identify with vampires.

Twilight, the vamp is like what 90 years old … and a teen girl? Pedo…<barfy smily>

Vampires drink (suck) blood. Werewolves eat flesh.
I saw it on TV, and TV never lies.

They were more like biting and ripping into flesh in that particular movie than making a pristine bite and sucking it.

P.S. I won’t watch or read Twilight.