Hunter Biden artwork attracts ethics scrutiny

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Who the hell knows what artwork deserves what price? Barnet Newman would paint a stripe on a solid color background and sell it for millions.

People often forget that artists who are currently recognized as being successful and whose art work fetches astronomical prices from collectors, never experienced the recognition or wealth in their own lifetime. Newman wasn’t recognized for his contributions to art until his 60’s, in the last years of his life.

But there are also a very large number of highly successful artists alive today who command prices far higher than what Hunter is expected to get. Koons, Banksy, Donnelly, Hockney, Cecily Brown, Hirst, Oehlen, Wool, Mehretu, Saville, and hundreds of others are still breathing and making money and some of them aren’t even particularly old. Hell, even Richter and Johns are still alive and kicking.

That is certainly true. And I’m not sure how long Hunter Biden has been making art. Certainly he benefits from name recognition so art galleries and brokers would have expressed an interest in his work if it was available and worthy of attention before now. Perhaps they have been and we simply don’t know the full story about his artistic endeavors and merits.

Or, maybe, just maybe, and I’m just spit-balling here, the art dealer who is marketing Hunter Biden’s artwork on commission is ever so slightly inflating the proposed asking prices, to pump up the artworks’ value and his own importance before the artwork hits the market? I mean, I know pre-sales hype and price pumping almost never happen, but maybe just this once it might be the case?