Hunter S. Thompson on Conan O'Brien

Did the following account I gave a friend of Thompson’s recent appearance on Late Night really happen, or did I dream it in a dream:

When he was introduced, he came out from behind the curtain with someone following him, who was holding for him what appeared to be a glass of whiskey. He could barely walk. And rather than walk (hobble) in front of the couch, he walked behind it, and seperated the guest chair from the couch and squeezed his way between the gap he had created. After sitting down, he, among other things, insisted that he had made the Nike tennis shoes he was wearing, repeatedly holding the sole of one of his shoes up to the camera. He was wearing a plastic glove on his right hand, which went unexplained. At some point, Conan cut to a clip of himself and Thompson a few years ago at Thompson’s ranch, where he tried to teach Conan how to fire a machine gun. He then went on to speak incoherently for the rest of his appearance. He mentioned (I think) having some TNT in his basement, and something about being able to build a bomb with it. After Conan questioned him about it, he (again, I think, due to his incoherence) insisted that it was just flash powder. Finally, Conan said something about Thompson’s new book, and the interview was over.


That’s a pretty accurate account. Conan didn’t seem overly impressed by the whole deal. But I have to say, that was the best entrance EVAR!

I saw Thompson on Letterman a few years ago, and he was mumbly and incoherent there too.

Is there a video archive on the NBC website or something where I can see this? I can tell that I need to.