Hunting 'accidents'

On average, how many people are killed each year by being shot after being mistaken for an animal?

[hijack]I am surprised that folks get killed in tree stands.[/hijack]

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I recall two on the ground this year.

I know of one that was supposedly a murder (convenient if you think about it). You have to subtract those (somehow).

Here’s a start. I realize this is an anti-hunting site, but they seem to be compiling from news sources.

I find it funny how people can confuse a person for a deer in the woods.

I’m quite certain I could tell a fake deer from a real deer in the woods.

Obviously they become excited and shoot at movement without waiting for a good look.

Tell that to my best friend or many people accomplished deer hunters I knew that couldn’t resist shots at fake deer positioned beside the road by game wardens. That was a serious offense with bad consequences. However, almost anything seems to move when you look at it from a rifle scope. The movement is an illusion coming from the subtle movement of the shooter himself. Game wardens can bag experienced hunters all day long using that technique. The hunters in question aren’t inexperienced or stupid but they can’t resist taking down a big deer no matter how illegal the circumstances are. The illusion is very strong.

Ha! I don’t use a scope.

What’s the illegal part? Not properly identifying a target? Or being by the road? Or… some other thing? Out of season? :confused:

Shooting off of a road is the main one. Not having proper tags on hand is another assuming they aren’t being carried at the moment. Shooting past hunting hours is yet another. You could also be charged with poaching if you get the bright idea to use a spotlight to cause “the deer” in question to freeze in the twilight. That can be considered poaching and serious felony with prison time. I know a couple of people that happened to although it certainly wasn’t their first violation.

My home state is Louisiana with the motto “Sportsmans Paradise” which is true except you never want to run afoul of game laws. Game Wardens can be the most severe of all law enforcement officers and they have more freedom than regular police like setting up a fake deer for entrapment. You are probably better off taking a long range pot shot at a person than you are a fake deer.

Wait a minute! From my limited exposure to hunting equipment (mostly at Canadian Tire sporting-goods stores), deer-hunting camo is orange, because deer can’t see colour. Who would shoot at an orange thing in the woods expecting it to be a deer?

One of the hunters killed in Arkansas this season wasn’t wearing orange.

I know there was a thread about this topic a while ago, about someone who shot a fake moose from the road. Does this mean that they put fake deer only at the side of the road? They don’t put fake deer in the woods, away from roads?

And what are hunting hours? And why is using a spotlight poaching? I would think that using a rifle against a deer is pretty much an uneven playing field, whether or not you use a spotlight.

My parents both retired about a year ago and moved to a piece of land in NE Arkansas, about 80 acres. It’s great for both of them, but especially my mom; she takes the dogs on long walks all over the property. There are lots of deer which bring the hunters out in force. The gun season is only a week long, but it remains open to bow hunters. When the gun season is open, my mom, and humans who walk with her, and our Irish wolfhound all wear orange vests. Nora(the dog) is big enough that it’s conceivable she’d be mistaken for a small deer(from a distance). Theoretically, no one should be hunting on the land without their permission, but that doesn’t stop all jackasses.

for some reason this thread has me singing this song

I think its half an hour after sunrise to half an hour before sunset.

It ain’t fair. :slight_smile: A deer will just stand there, staring into the spotlight like a fourteen year old human male staring at a Penthouse fold out.

The only thing I can imagine more disgusting is wedding cake and champagne. :slight_smile:

They put deer (and moose) beside the road because that is where they can catch the offenders. Shooting from the road is a crime on its own. Shooting after hours (past twilight) is an additional crime Shooting out of season is an even bigger crime.

Spotlighting is poaching and can get someone in mega-serious trouble and I have seen it happen. Have you ever heard the phrase “Caught like a deer in headlights”? Deer are stupid animals and they will literally freeze in place if you hit them in the eyes with a spotlight that is powerful enough. It allows a poacher to take one or more of them down with ease while endangering everything they can’t see because of the light. That is why so many people get killed or at least have their car ruined by catching a deer crossing the road at the wrong moment at night.

All states have a game division to help maintain their wildlife population. Small infractions are dealt with via tickets and/or destruction of equipment but poaching can be very, very bad news whether it is illegal fishing or deer hunting. Game Wardens tend to be the least friendly of all law enforcement officers because they need to be. Their job often requires stalking private property alone in the middle of the night to arrest people that are armed by definition.

Most hunters play by the rules and honest deer hunting is hard and managed by the Wildlife and Fisheries division of the state to assure a proper balance. Poachers screw things up for everyone and are bona fide felons and are treated as such. I have known several people including a brother that have run afoul of wildlife laws and would give anything to turn back the time.

A friend of mine lives on wooded land and was walking on it one night, out of deer season, pretty near a road. Some illegal hunters put a spotlight on her, assuming she was a deer - at least they were smart enough to check what that moving object was before shooting. She was too shaken up at the time to think about calling the cops or anything, plus since she didn’t see a plate (and had a light in her face, obscuring vision) she didn’t have much info to go on.

Or the fellow I heard about in East Texas that stopped on the side of the highway to shoot the deer with a bow and arrow. The arrow made a funny sound when it hit and it puzzled him, so he shot it again. I believe alcohol was involved.

I’ve also heard about the animated fake deer that move their heads when the car headlights hit them.