"HUNTING HITLER" on the History Channel

Anybody planning on watching this? Sounds like it’ll be a hoot and a holler! :smack:

Where is he now - still South America?

Evidently. :smiley:


So, is he spry for a 126 year old man who has been dead for a very long time?

He was living in Kalamazoo, MI with Elvis until his death a couple years ago. Even Nazi mad scientists and mystics can only do so much to extend life.

The Nazi mad scientists were even better at zombification than life extension. That’s why hunting Hitler requires a head shot.

Enjoy! :cool:

This just in:



It may be the weekend, but definitely NSFW…:eek:

I’ve added a NSFW tag to the post.

How does shit like that get made? :confused:

Personally, I don’t despise Hitler but rather understand him. I’ve had a chance to do some reading on him, German society at the time, Jewish prominence in Europe back then. Also, I did some reading on the Jewish camps & the expelling policy. All was understandable to me. Obviously, in the reality, things didn’t go 100% according to the plans, & there were many unforeseen atrocities in the camps. Still, Hitler & Germany at the time were understandable to me. As someone who personally don’t have anything against them, I would rather side with Hitler than Jews aside from the unforeseen war crimes due to the lack of complete control over the camps.

"HUNTING HITLER" on the History Channel

“Release the hounds!”

Well, I wasn’t the one who had to lose anything or harmed in any way by Hitler.

It’s just a little Heinie hiney… :wink:

Umm, what?

Oh, Lordy!

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

This isnt understandable to me.