Hurricane proof doorknobs? Really?

When I arrived at work today, a bunch of guys were busy switching out various doorknobs in the office. A couple of secretaries overheard them say that the new doorknobs (which look exactly the same as the old doorknobs) are “hurricane proof”. I don’t know wtf that means and suspect they were just goofing around and the secretaries took them seriously. Also, what good are “hurricane proof” doorknobs if the windows aren’t hurricane proof, whatever that might mean?

I’m in Hartford, CT, so it’s not like we get many hurricanes anyway.

So, any thoughts? Do I work with some incredibly gullible people? Or is there such a thing as a hurricane proof doorknob?

They were either messing with the secretaries or the secretaries misheard them.

My brother once told his girlfriend that she should rotate the air in her tires. She was not happy when she got back from the garage. I was surprised that they didn’t just tell her they did it and charge her $50.

There are door bars that are to hurricane code (Nor’easters?) like the ones on doors to the outside or from one large area to another.

Other than that…your managers blow so much hot air the doors needs to be reinforced. :slight_smile: