Hurricane Sally Saga

Woke up Wednesday morning with the storm raging outside and 2 feet of water in the bedroom. A rescue team got us and the cat in a boat after a couple of hours. We are now living in a Motel 6 a hundred miles away in Mississippi and trying to manage the salvage of the house before the dry wall dissolves and the mold takes over. Gotta go - more later.

A good friend of mine went through it in Santa Rosa county and I got a blow by blow description. Not fun, I wish you the best. He’s got his power and internet back and thankfully no property damage

Thanks - Parts of Santa Rosa County got hit with the surge of bay + river water. No structural damage but the furniture, books and keepsakes are a disaster.

I feel for you. It isn’t going to be fun. But when you are finished, things should be better than before the storm. I got 2 ft in Katrina.
What town got the water?

Garcon Point outside of Pensacola. The house is above the Hurricane Ivan surge line and Sally obliterated it by 3 or 4 feet.

The area around the motel is a food dessert. I’m waiting for a car to be delivered.

I hear you on that. We evacuated with our cars and what they could carry, but we were away for 2 weeks. By that time, the mold had pretty much taken over. Personally, it turned out better for us. It removed any discussion about gutting the house floor to ceiling. You can try to save the upper 4 feet of sheetrock, but frankly it isn’t worth it. You will likely still be able to see the difference between old and new. And depending on how old your house is, you may benefit from replacing all the insulation in the walls. It costs more to replace everything, but the added cost wasn’t too much in the entire job. Good luck!.

Moved back to a cat friendly motel in Pensacola - you can imagine what that’s like. Our children have done a ton of work clearing out the house and removing the lower four feet of dry wall, but they have to get back to jobs and families, The house is gutted with most of what we own in an ugly pile on the front lawn. Actually it’s one pile in a row of 5 piles. The folks down the street do not have insurance and are living in a tent in the front yard. Probably better than a cat friendly motel.

rbroome - It’s a mix. Some places just the lower and some the whole wall. Also, the removal discloses short cuts taken by the builder. The big contractors are booked into 2021 so I’ll have to use a local outfit. I have some recommendations and meet with a guy today. Otherwise working on the inventory.

Oh yeah - I leased a new car. Got a Ford Escape Titanium. Really beats my 99 Honda CRV, but a bit pricier.

Good luck!
Getting the house gutted quickly is a blessing. Did you have much tree damage? After Katrina getting rid of the downed trees alone took months. Will you need a new roof?