Hurt for Biden

Biden’s sonfathered a child of an Arkansan to whom he is not married. How many votes will this cost Biden?

How many votes will this cost which Biden? Cuz Hunter’s not running for anything.

Forty-six votes.

Heck, it might win him Arkansas.

I suspect that any voters who would care about the child of a candidate fathering an out-of-wedlock child are the sort of voters who wouldn’t be inclined to vote for a Democrat anyway.

Barring any revelations about the candidate himself behaving improperly in some way related to his son’s parentage of this child I don’t think this issue moves the needle at all in Biden’s campaign.

It’s nothing. Sounds like something out of a book I was required to read for English class.


By the way, did you know the President cheated on his wife with a porn star and illegally paid her off to keep quiet about it?

He cheated on all three of his wives, but he’s also the champion of evangelical Christians. How’s that for some unholy fuckery?

Maw, Maw, where’s Grandpa?
Gone to the White House Ha, Ha Ha

And if you don’t have to google the above, you are a history nut (or maybe just a nut what knows history…)

I’ll leave the type of nut I may be to others, but I didn’t have to google it.:slight_smile:

The is just the break the McCain campaign has been waiting for!

I believe Trump will capitalize on it, but Iggy makes a good point.

And what’s with the title “Hurt for Biden”?

Is that like some kind of urban cheerleader talk? “Oh, yeah, we bringin’ a world o’ hurt!”
I’ll bet the OP thinks that’s the worst… it’s not just bad polling, or a lost election for Biden… no it’s Hurt.

For some reason I can’t stop hearing it set to “Hot For Teacher”.

Wasn’t he also banging his dead brother’s wife? That gains him big votes in West Virginia!!!

The title “Stop Talking about Impeachment and Look at This!” was too subtle.

I may know the woman (;))


I believe OP is expressing genuine concerned for Biden and his family.

Bless his heart.

Hang on, hang on–

He’s an unrepentant *SERIAL *adulterer who has cheated on every person he’s been legally wed-locked, including with pornstars he’s paid off. ILLEGALLY. His fixer is in jail for it. He’s made a point that he’s never asked God for forgiveness for anything, ever, because he’s never done anything *that *wrong.

And he’s not just the darling of the evangelicals–he’s the GOP Messiah. He’s GOD’S LAST HOPE to SAVE AMERICA.

When you challenge them about how immoral he is as a person, the response is “well, God spoke through the mouth of an ass, so…”

Trump’s God’s Ass speaking to America.