HVAC: Air Quality pre-AC?

What did we do before air conditioning in relation to controlling humidity to cut down on mold growth for better air quality? Granted, buildings were not as air-tight, but we survived, didn’t we? Or, did we get by with sick buildings???

Probably the same thing that AC-less houses and buildings do today…continue to exist quite happily. Toxic molds aren’t necessarily a myth, but they are very, very, rare, despite media coverage and quack web sites implying that they’re in every nook and cranny.

More of the buildings came equipped with great big oscillating fans. Classrooms had windows. The humidity was awful, but we didn’t know we had a choice.

My aunt used to put out a big chunk of ice and let a small fan blow over that. Best nap time ever for a sleeping chld.

At night I slept in babydoll pajamas with the window open and my head at the foot of the bed. I kept the fan on low so that I could hear the music from the local teen hangout. That was the best way to listen to “Wonderfland by Night” or “Beyond the Sea.”

Damn. That was cool.