Hy husband told me this joke

Husband: Did you hear abour Orion’s belt?

Me: No

Husband: It’s a waste of space (waist of space).

Me: (Laughing out loud - I do like these kinds of jokes)

Husband: You liked that one, huh?

Me: Yeah. I thought it was funny.

Husband: I give it three stars.

Me: (groooooooaaaaaaan)

Not sure I get it, the punchline was kind of nebulous.

Orion’s belt consists of 3 stars.

In space, no one can hear a whoosh.

Does your husband drive a Galaxy?

(These puns are universal…)

Mintaka lot, but women don’t always listen.

Username checks out.


Is this a Sirius discussion?

That was a stellar response.

I predict a meteoric career for this thread.

Seems a bit nebulous to me!

“To prevent war, the galaxy is on Orion’s belt.”

OK, now THAT’s obscure.

Brilliant. Out of this world.

He didn’t planet that way.

no comet

I’m green with envy.

The theme song for this thread comes from ‘Sound of Music’:

‘Solar - ti - do’

I’m having trouble Procyon that.

I’m also having trouble parseccing that.