Hydorgen peroxide and potassium permanganate

Just academic curiosity, it has been a long time since I studied chemistry.

When one mixes dilute solutions of oxidants does one reduce the other?

I’ve potassium permanganate among my aquarium supplies and hydrogen peroxide in my bathroom medicine cabinet. Both are oxidants, right? Should I mix them would one reduce the other?

If you search google for potassium permanganate H2O2 you get dozens of videos showing the reaction. Start here.

The stronger oxidant, permanganate, can oxidise the peroxide (to O2) in acidic conditions. As picunurse’s link shows, it’s a vigorous reaction that I wouldn’t be in a hurry to replicate at home.

Hydrogen peroxide is both a mild oxidizer and a mild reductor. When facing permanganate, which is one of the strongest oxidizers out there, it completely forgets about any oxidizing properties it might have and reduces like nobody’s business.

Sort of like a street thug suddenly realizing that thin guy is that cop people call Dirty Harry, yanow?

Most interesting. I had worked with concentrated hydrogen peroxide in my student days and knew it would result in some vigorous reactions. When I made the OP I was thinking of the very dilute solutions. Do very dilute hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate result in the same chemical reactions?