hydration possible with sea water

I know shipwreck victoms cannot survive drinking sea water, but if one soaks in the ocean for about an hour the skin begins to wrikle. Is this the skin absorbing water, and if yes, will the skin sort of filter the salt? Could it be enough to survive?

No, no, and no. The wrinkles are a result of the water washing away the oils in the skin. The same thing happens in fresh water.

Actually, here’s what UC said about why skin wrinkles when soaked.

This is just from personal experience, but I think soaking in salt water may actually make dehydration worse. I’ve noticed that on days that I go surfing without a wetsuit, I’m noticably thirstier when I get out of the water. Then again, it could just be my imagination.

I would think the skin would start to absorb the water and the salt. Then once in your system, your cells would have a hypertonic reaction to the salt and that would make you even more dehydrated. I don’t think the skin can filter out the salt in the water.

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Which is it? If Uncle Cecil is right, then basically the question from 1420Vel.GN was more correctly answered by noting that, while the stratum corneum might hydrate, the underlying layers refuse to and therefore, there would be no benefit to the immersion.

Well, of course I was wrong as to the reason why skin wrinkles. I write that off to ignorance, as I did not recognize the link to Cecil’s column offered above and had not read it. That particular error in my thinking has been admirably corrected.
Thanks for pointing this out.

All Hail Cecil!